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Who We Are


Amber McGaffey


My earliest encounter with flowers began at my Grandmother's home in Fullerton, California. I remember walking around back with a pair of scissors and cutting fragrant roses for my teachers as gifts in Elementary School. I remember watching her delicately prepare the flowers for transportation by wrapping them in wet paper towels and then covering them with a wrap of foil. 

Fast forward 25 years, flowers still get to me.  Since then, I have enjoyed landscape design, and growing various plants and trees. We have been blessed beyond measure (including the greatest two treasures: named Sadie and Brooke) and bought White Oak Farm in 2017.  I had always wanted a cut flower garden and now had the space and a small sliver of time to do it. The abundance was astonishing. So much so, that I was able to share the beauty with family and friends.  I have learned that flowers are powerful, evoking emotions, senses, and even memories. We lace them into all our experiences from the celebration of life to the celebration of death.  I was hooked.  The joy and satisfaction of handing over a bouquet of fragrant beautiful flowers never gets old after all these years.  I continued plotting by what means I could grow more and more beauty until McGaffey Flowers was born. There is something inside of me that longs to create something magical and beautiful with design.  I hope we can share the magic of McGaffey Flowers with you soon!


Meet The Family Behind the Blooms

Our Farm is a labor of Love


Brandon McGaffey

Although Brandon has a full-time job away from the farm, He is essential to making it all run smoothly. He manages soil health and irrigation design as well as running all the farm equipment and building structures.

Sadie McGaffey

Sadie is our wild and free spirit on the farm. She loves and cares for all the animals on the farm (even unwanted ones: i.e. baby gophers). Sadie's favorite flower is a Sweet Pea.

Brooke McGaffey

Brooke's heart lies in the scents that flowers produce (her favorite is Magnolia flowers). She loves cutting and arranging flowers.  Brooke's favorite flower is a Sunflower.


As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15


Are you interested in volunteering at our Farm to help cultivate and grow both yourself and the Garden?

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